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“The best guide to creating your own Terrarium at home”

Creating a Terrarium is becoming the new hip thing to do and a micro green revolution. All from the confines of your own home! The beauty of a Terrarium is that you can make it whatever you want it to be. You can create it from most glass containers and can personalise it to your taste.

Primarily there three different types of Terrarium terrain. Dessert, Rainforest or Woodland. You can have an open or closed glass container to facilitate these. However not all terrains match an open or closed container, e.g. Dessert in a closed container is not ideal. 

So, there are three things you need to think about. Terrain, Open or closed and what type of plants you want. There may be a few contributing factors involved that determine what you are after. Your taste or the decor of your home/room, the size of free space or even the budget you have.

You can purchase ready made Terrariums, which are great but where’s the fun in that?! We recommend you get a terrarium kit, glass container and three plants along with ground cover (gravel, moss, pebbles, bark) as a good first Terrarium.

How to create a Terrarium

1. Choose your glass container

Whether you have something lying around the house or you have found an awesome ornamental piece from Amazon or Etsy, you are off the starting blocks! REMEMBER: the size and open/closure of the container contribute to what you can achieve.

2. Decide open or closed

The type of glass container dictates what choice you have. If you have an old jar, you can use a large cork to make it closed or just leave it as it is and be an open Terrarium, up to you!

3. Choose what terrain

Generally you have three terrains to choose from, Dessert, Rainforest or Woodland. Desserts are generally in an open Terrarium, Rainforest is generally in a closed Terrarium but can work in an open one if you take extra care and it is positioned well in your home (so a little high maintenance). Woodland Terrariums are generally better in an open Terrarium. 

4. Decide what plants

Once you have decided if you will have an open or closed Terrarium and what terrain you want, you can choose your plants. It does pay to do a little research. I found the best plants for my chosen Terrarium on Etsy. 

5. Choose what ground cover

Your terrain dictates the ground cover options you have. For instance, Dessert is generally gravel or sand. Rainforest and Woodland are very similar. Moss is perfect to keep the moisture in the soil and filter out impurities. You can leave a few non moss patches where you could lay a small piece of bark or wood to look more natural. 

6. Purchase a Terrarium kit

A handy and cheap tool in your arsenal is a Terrarium kit. This is basically a little toolbox of all the goodies you will need. Generally speaking you will get a manual, soil, activated charcoal, clay pebbles, ground cover, tweezers, wooden spoon and moss. (not all kits are the same so look up the best one for your chosen terrarium). 

7. Create your Terrarium!

Time to put everything together! 

Terrarium Example

Here is one I (literally) made earlier! (Everything that I used is in the toolbox below).

My terrarium = Woodland / Open / 3 plants / moss and bark ground cover 

The idea for me was to have a woodland Terrarium because I love the woods and it holds special memories for me. I didn’t wan’t anything too big so I got a cool hexagonal kind of glass ornament on Amazon. Then I took my time in getting the right plants with online research. In the end I found the best plants on Etsy, but you can get them elsewhere like Amazon.

My Terrarium Toolkit

Glass ornament

Terrarium kit - (TBC)

The kit that I used is currently sold out but there are many others on Amazon.

REMEMBER: look out for the most appropriate kit for your terrarium, they are not all the same!


My pictures

What do I do next?

Follow our 7 point step by step guide! Click the banner below to check out what Amazon has to offer. Have a great time!

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