Real Money Saving Tips for 2020...

Money saving tips

Lets get one thing straight… This is not a away with the fairies money saving tips post. I won’t be recommending doing surveys for pennies or the like. I have first hand REAL money saving tips that collectively have the magic to save you lots of time, money and stress. All whilst helping you have a more enjoyable life.


Electricity / Gas supplier

Whoever you are with, don’t be nostalgic. Get rid of them and sign up with “Look after my bills”. This company was featured on BBC’s Dragons Den. Their service is simple, effective and saves you £100’s. All you need to do is put in a few details to see how much you could save. The Sign up is quick and free. They automatically swap your supplier each year for the cheapest. All without you lifting a finger or paying any extra fees. Don’t be paying silly standing fees and over charged energy anymore.

Example: In our 1 bed modern apartment we saved £45 p/m or £540 p/a by swapping over

Tip: If you refer a friend you can receive a good cash bonus


It will vary but you will save a good chunk of money.


Unlimited Cinema and 25% off High Street Restaurants

For just £18.40 p/m you can get unlimited cinema access and 25% off selected restaurants. (Which include drinks!) Yes, I know it is a subscription but even if you aren’t a movie buff and watch movies semi regularly you will end up saving lots on your restaurant bill. It is a big win win. Especially as we eat out more than ever on the high street. You also get 10% off drinks and snacks and 10% off in-house Starbucks which are great bonuses.

Minimum use example: With minimum use you can save, if you just ate out at Las Iguanas as a table of 4 you will save £20 (with a £80 bill). – Gain £1.60.

Maximum use: Watch two movies and eat out once. Save £25.60 (Based on above bill example)

Tip: Great for film buffs, foodies or both!


Considering it is £12 a ticket normally, plus extremely high snack costs. You can save straight away with minimum use. 


Stay away from Finance with high interest % (when you can!)

Bit of an obvious one but try to pay things off in a oner. If it is 0% finance then fair play. However, if your finance is 10, 15, 25%… then it is a good thing to look into getting a 0% credit card for however long you can. Buy the item on your card and you won’t need to pay any of that nasty interest in the long run. Of course there are times where this cannot be done. Maybe you have poor credit, or are looking at buying something considerable like buying a car but it is something to consider for smaller things like buying a bike, sofa or tv. 

Tip: Sign up to websites like clear score and see what your credit card options are. Always look at whether you can afford the repayments



Look at your subscriptions

We are tempted with subscriptions in every angle of our life these days. Just take a few minutes to jot down all of your subscriptions and their costs and see whether you actually need them or even realise you still have it. In most cases you sign up for something and either forget about it or hardly use it. 

Example: A gaming console controller cover at £3.39 p/m and a nasty £40 p/m fitness product which we had no idea about as it was automatically signed up from a one off purchase.

Tip: Be careful with free trials and buying certain items online. It has been known to happen where you are automatically signed up to an auto renewal subscription and end up paying each month for something you had no idea about. 

Savings: Varies


Check for hidden costs you may be paying

Such things as TV packages or mobile phone contracts have hidden costs that you may not be aware of.

Example: A TV package provider charges you £5-£10 a month for your phone line. If you don’t use it you can cancel the extra cost online.

Savings: Varies

Micro Money Saving Tips

Save £637.75 a year!

Follow these micro money saving tips and you will have a good chunk of cash that you can put to better use. All whilst not giving up anything.

Ditch plastic bags

Shop with reusable bags instead of plastic bags which cost 15p each. Based on one bag a day that would be a saving of..

£54.75 per year.

Ditch the tumble dryer

Don’t use the dryer. It costs 35p each hour you use one. Based on a couple with 5 loads a week at two hour cycles you will save…

£182+ per year.

£1 a day

Set up a standing order into your rainy day or credit account for £1 a day. Something you can do without feeling any pinch.

£365 per year.

Barclays rewards

Get £3 per month and Cashback on multiple online stores. Just have £800 going into your account with at least 2 direct debits p/m.

£36 per year.

Food shop early or late

Look for the yellow labels in supermarkets where you can save 20% – 90%. If you are not picky this is a great hack!

20%+ per year.

Look at £ per ml

Companies are trying to catch you out with offers when buying beer in shops yet reduce the ml. Look at the label for the £ per ml for the real best deal..

10%+ per year.

Re-usable coffee cup

Buy yourself a reusable coffee cup (preferably ethically sourced) and at a number of coffee houses you can save on your hot drink. 

50p a cup.

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