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“Be cool and safe while preventing blue light harm your eyes and health”

No more square eyes...

It is remarkable that in this day and age where we find ourselves glued to our screens, that we don’t think about looking after our eyes. We spend 9 hours a day looking at a screen of some kind (on average). Even if you do not work in front of a computer you end up looking at one, one way or another in your spare time throughout the day. Whether it’s watching TV, looking at your mobile phone or playing video games. It is a constant part of our daily lives in the modern day.

At work we are given the health and safety talk on repetitive strain injury and “how can we help” with a chair, mouse pad (which don’t work by the way!) or keyboard pad offered to you. But how about your eyes? Blue light transmits from most screens and our eyes just cannot cope. 

There have indeed been companies who have attempted to offer a preventative measure but have fallen short with their Ali G impersonating glasses. Neither trendy, affective nor ergonomically designed.

This is where Barner come in. They are a US company who offer super cool glasses that blind out the blue light. These non or prescription glasses help prevent getting headaches, eye strain, sleep deprivation and mental fatigue.

No more eye strain...

If you are one of the ones just like me who have issues sleeping and reached out for the decaf tea as an olive branch.. Well maybe it is worth reaching out for Barner blue light glasses instead. 

I am a digital marketer who is in front of a screen for 12+ hours a day. I suffer from eye strain, sleep deprivation and fatigue which no doubt in a big way stems from my screen time. So I went looking online to find any modern way I could address this. Barner came up time and time again and this is where I gave them a go. I was so impressed with the results of wearing their glasses, I created this blog post so I can share with other sufferers out there how Barner can help. They are a serious game changer who can help change your life for the better. Go on give them a go! They are respectively priced, with awesome clip on sunglasses as an added bonus option too.

Blue light sunglasses in an instant...


Time to look after those eyes in the modern world…

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