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Save £637.75 in 2021

Follow these micro money saving tips and you will have a good chunk of cash that you can put to better use. All whilst not giving up anything substantial.

Ditch plastic bags

Shop with reusable bags instead of plastic bags which cost 10p – 20p each. Based on one bag a day that would be an average saving of..

£54.75+ per year.

Ditch the tumble dryer

Don’t use the dryer. It costs 35p each hour you use one. Based on a couple with 5 loads a week at two hour cycles you will save…

£182+ per year.

£1 a day

Set up a standing order into your rainy day or credit account for £1 a day. Something you can do without feeling any pinch.

£365 per year.

Barclays rewards

Get £3 per month and Cashback on multiple online stores. Just have £800 going into your account with at least 2 direct debits p/m.

£36 per year.

Don’t be a follower,

be yourself, no one else.